Unheard of Easter Traditions of Romania and Slovakia

As I am driving from Campulung towards Maramures in the Eastern Carpathians of Romania, the green carpet of the Bucovina’s forested crest mesmerises my eyes. The fluffy clouds try hard to kiss the Golden Bistrița River. But the most striking feature on this route is the ‘museum village’ of Ciocanesti, which was declared as the cultural village […]

15 Best European Christmas destinations filled with unexpected surprises

What’s the best time to visit Europe? If you’ll ask this question, most people will say summers. But there’s something truly magical about snowy season. Europe gets a complete makeover in winters. Overcrowded and overpriced cities become refreshingly crowd-free and inexpensive. Moreover, Christmas and New Year Celebrations lend some seriously unforgettable experiences. Experiences that become […]

A lost medieval town of Slovakia that changed the world

The Czech Republic and Slovakia peacefully uncoupled in 1993 after Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution in 1989. 26-years after their velvet divorce, Slovakia is slowly and steadily attracting travellers. While most foreigners stick to Bratislava, which is a happening yet laidback European capital, I have always found the lesser known towns more intriguing. BTW here are the […]

Hiking in High Tatras, Slovakia

Hiking in High Tatras, Slovakia is like no adventure Slovakia is a land of adventurers says my trek guide, Erik Sevcik of Adventoura, who has been organising adventure trips for decades in Vysoké Tatry (High Tatras), pointing at a poster of Petra Vlhová, country’s top women’s Alpine skier and a world champion. As we start […]

Why you should spend your winter in Slovakia?

Winter in Slovakia is all about adventure sports When is the best time to visit Slovakia, I ask my local friend from the High Tatras and an ace mountaineer, Erik Ševčík, who now runs an adventure company named Adventoura Slovakia. Don’t worry Arch. Holidays in Slovakia are good in every season – whether it is […]

Coronavirus: why Sweden rejected lockdown

Unlike most of the world, including Scandanavian neighbours Norway, Denmark and Finland, Sweden has refused to lock down the country. Instead, it’s trying a different approach to beat COVID-19 – trusting its people to voluntarily practice social distancing and develop herd immunity. But why has Sweden adopted this approach and is it working Lars Svanerud […]

COVID19: Is Sweden’s no strict-lockdown approach right or wrong?

Is Sweden’s no strict-lockdown approach wise or reckless? In this post, you’ll read why Sweden decided to go for a no strict lockdown approach to battle covid19 and if it is working or not. The beer-loving Czechs are finally allowed to get back into pubs, and joggers have returned to Madrid’s famous Retiro Park, Italians […]

Sweden’s incredible journey of Transforming Trash to Treasure

Sweden’s recycling is so revolutionary; the Nordic Nation ran out of the trash and had to import garbage from other nations to keep its recycling plants running. What lessons can India learn from the Scandinavian country Vacuum recycling in the city of Stockholm. Pic Credit: Visit Sweden It’s summertime in Sweden and Palle Stenberg, the co-founder […]

Moments between the noise and silence of travel

Life is not one long journey but one of several small journeys cobbled together. These journeys are made of moments that sometimes take your breath away and sometimes make you wonder about the very reason of your existence. Some moments leave you enthralled to an extent that you want to always come back to them […]

Offbeat Dubai: Beyond the Burj Khalifa and Desert Safari

At wee hours when the world around me is lost in dreams, I am writing a presentation. After procrastinating for days my thoughts had finally started to flow. Suddenly my concentration gets broken by the sound of my mobile phone. I hear a familiar voice on the other side asking me a familiar question, We […]

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