An experience that will make you travel to Belgrade and Western Serbia

Novak Djokovic recently created history by winning his fifth Wimbledon Grand slam in an EPIC final match where he defeated Roger Federer in the longest final match ever. That match revived a lot of my memories about the Serb, especially the trip I took last year to his homeland – Serbia. However, before I embarked […]

Top offbeat travel destinations to visit in 2021 and beyond

Top offbeat travel destinations to visit in 2021 and beyond COVID19 changed the way we travel. Once the situation improves and we are able to travel freely, here is a delectable mix of destinations that would be ideal for you to explore. These destinations are either overlooked by most travellers or are familiar hotspots offering […]

Flooded Future: Can the sinking Maldives be saved?

Paradise paradox – how can tourism save sinking Maldives? Life before and after COVID19 Before we were locked inside our homes because a virus took the Earth and its inhabitants hostage, I was enjoying the triple dose of sun, sand and sea in a tropical haven popularly referred to as the paradise on Earth. In […]

Post Covid19 Travel: Safest countries to visit in Asia

Slowly as the world is gradually opening up from strict lockdown and looking towards a new normal with squinty eyes, travel thoughts are making a comeback. Even as travel is on pause, Indian travellers have started making wish lists of the safest countries to visit in Asia. They might not be booking but they are […]

Maldives is open. Is it safe to book a holiday package now?

Is Maldives dangerous to visit for post lockdown vacation? In this article, you’ll find almost everything you need to know before booking a Maldives holiday package. Read about India-Maldives air bubble, the latest travel advice, how to get there, cost of Maldives holiday packages, what is the food like and which activities to do. Very […]

Which countries are open for Indian Tourists in 2021?

From Switzerland to South Africa and Kyrgyzstan to Mexico, countries worldwide are ready to welcome Indian travellers again. Some countries are accepting vaccinated tourists others are just accepting RT-PCR tests report. Eight European Union countries (Austria, Germany, Greece, Slovenia, Ireland, Spain, Estonia and Netherlands) and two non-member states, Iceland and Switzerland, have confirmed that they […]

Best Jungle Safari in India: On a Tiger Trail in Madhya Pradesh

Best Jungle Safari in India I have just returned from four-month solo budget travel in Europe and still within a week, the post-travel depression kicks in. And, to make it worse, my morning sneezes induced by a smog-smothered Delhi becomes a routine. I am craving to get back to nature at the slightest possibility. I […]

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