Shangri-La: The Best Luxury Hotel in Dubai

Looking for the best luxury hotel in Dubai? Your search ends at Shangri-La, which offers the best location, great facilities, fantastic restaurants, top-notch service, and a lot more. Cloud-piercing skyscrapers, emerald green coastline, and the magnificent Arabian Desert combine to make this sparkling city the preferred destination for more than 16 million visitors every year. […]

Why Visit Sharjah, UAE: The Pearl of the Gulf

A complete travel guide on visiting Sharjah, UAE It is the last ball of the match and the entire stadium is on its feet clapping and chanting. The batsman anxiously looks up to the sky and prays. The bowler starts running towards the wicket. He wants to bowl a Yorker but ends up delivering a […]

Pulau Ubin: Rediscovering Sixties Singapore

Singapore has been on my travel list for a long time but somehow I always chose the more alluring Europe or Australia over it. So when finally I got a chance to explore it I was happy but wasn’t going gaga over the impending experience. I had heard a lot, seen a lot and read […]

Is Singapore a Senior Citizen Friendly country to travel?

If you are confused where to take your senior citizen parents on a foreign holiday then you have come to the right place. Singapore is one of the most senior citizen-friendly countries in the world. Nothing is foreign here. A melting pot of different cultures, cuisines and ethnicities. There’s no dearth of choices here – […]

The New year celebration in Singapore: a once-in-a-lifetime experience

The EPIC New year Celebration at Singapore Marina Bay Countdown Imagine at the stroke of midnight on January 1, you usher into a new decade with 16,000 fireworks and 500 drones lighting up the sky along with an on-ground 90-minute high octane, colourful performance by dozens of unicyclists, ballet dancers and fire entertainers. Seems too […]

Snow, Skiing and Stopover Switzerland in winters

In this post, you’ll read about my experience of visiting Switzerland in winters, where I talk about my business class experience with Swiss, exploring the Lauterbrunnen Valley and attending the Lauberhorn Ski World Cup. Also, I’ll share travel tips on where to stay, what to shop and which season is the best season to visit […]

4 months Solo Budget Travel in Europe

Europe on shoestring budget seems like mission impossible but with a little bit of smart planning, 4 months Solo Budget Travel in Europe is completely doable. And, that’s exactly what I am aiming to achieve with my upcoming 4 months solo travel in Offbeat Europe. A solo trip across Europe – mainly Central, Southern, Western, […]

Danube River Cruise: Exploring the unexplored side of Serbia

For centuries Danube, the second largest river in Europe has both divided and unified Europe. The river has acted as a natural border between countries and empires. The numerous fortresses on its banks testify its turbulent history but today, this mighty river connects people rather than divides them. While the Danube flows through ten countries, it exhibits […]

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