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Moments between the noise and silence of travel

Life is not one long journey but one of several small journeys cobbled together. These journeys are made of moments that sometimes take your breath away and sometimes make you wonder about the very reason of your existence. Some moments leave you enthralled to an extent that you want to always come back to them […]

Offbeat Dubai: Beyond the Burj Khalifa and Desert Safari

At wee hours when the world around me is lost in dreams, I am writing a presentation. After procrastinating for days my thoughts had finally started to flow. Suddenly my concentration gets broken by the sound of my mobile phone. I hear a familiar voice on the other side asking me a familiar question, We […]

Shangri-La: The Best Luxury Hotel in Dubai

Looking for the best luxury hotel in Dubai? Your search ends at Shangri-La, which offers the best location, great facilities, fantastic restaurants, top-notch service, and a lot more. Cloud-piercing skyscrapers, emerald green coastline, and the magnificent Arabian Desert combine to make this sparkling city the preferred destination for more than 16 million visitors every year. […]

Why Visit Sharjah, UAE: The Pearl of the Gulf

A complete travel guide on visiting Sharjah, UAE It is the last ball of the match and the entire stadium is on its feet clapping and chanting. The batsman anxiously looks up to the sky and prays. The bowler starts running towards the wicket. He wants to bowl a Yorker but ends up delivering a […]

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