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Coronavirus: why Sweden rejected lockdown

Unlike most of the world, including Scandanavian neighbours Norway, Denmark and Finland, Sweden has refused to lock down the country. Instead, it’s trying a different approach to beat COVID-19 – trusting its people to voluntarily practice social distancing and develop herd immunity. But why has Sweden adopted this approach and is it working Lars Svanerud […]

COVID19: Is Sweden’s no strict-lockdown approach right or wrong?

Is Sweden’s no strict-lockdown approach wise or reckless? In this post, you’ll read why Sweden decided to go for a no strict lockdown approach to battle covid19 and if it is working or not. The beer-loving Czechs are finally allowed to get back into pubs, and joggers have returned to Madrid’s famous Retiro Park, Italians […]

Sweden’s incredible journey of Transforming Trash to Treasure

Sweden’s recycling is so revolutionary; the Nordic Nation ran out of the trash and had to import garbage from other nations to keep its recycling plants running. What lessons can India learn from the Scandinavian country Vacuum recycling in the city of Stockholm. Pic Credit: Visit Sweden It’s summertime in Sweden and Palle Stenberg, the co-founder […]

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