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4 months Solo Budget Travel in Europe

Europe on shoestring budget seems like mission impossible but with a little bit of smart planning, 4 months Solo Budget Travel in Europe is completely doable. And, that’s exactly what I am aiming to achieve with my upcoming 4 months solo travel in Offbeat Europe. A solo trip across Europe – mainly Central, Southern, Western, […]

Danube River Cruise: Exploring the unexplored side of Serbia

For centuries Danube, the second largest river in Europe has both divided and unified Europe. The river has acted as a natural border between countries and empires. The numerous fortresses on its banks testify its turbulent history but today, this mighty river connects people rather than divides them. While the Danube flows through ten countries, it exhibits […]

An experience that will make you travel to Belgrade and Western Serbia

Novak Djokovic recently created history by winning his fifth Wimbledon Grand slam in an EPIC final match where he defeated Roger Federer in the longest final match ever. That match revived a lot of my memories about the Serb, especially the trip I took last year to his homeland – Serbia. However, before I embarked […]

Top offbeat travel destinations to visit in 2021 and beyond

Top offbeat travel destinations to visit in 2021 and beyond COVID19 changed the way we travel. Once the situation improves and we are able to travel freely, here is a delectable mix of destinations that would be ideal for you to explore. These destinations are either overlooked by most travellers or are familiar hotspots offering […]

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