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Leh Ladakh one week trip

Looking for a break? Book Leh Ladakh one week trip Leh Ladakh is on every Indian’s bucket list. From the highest motorable road to the sand dunes of Hunder, from the biggest salt lake to the Bactrian camels, from the highest man-made bridge to the last standing village and from the humans of Ladakh to […]

Understanding the Culture of Ladakh through untold human stories

Understanding the Culture of Ladakh through its people Ladakh is a bucket list destination for everyone – whether it is doing a road trip in Ladakh or trekking in Ladakh. What fascinates me the most about Ladakh is its culture and people. Often referred to as Mini Tibet it is a place where you can […]

Must-do adventure activity in India: Trekking in Ladakh

Why Adventure in Ladakh so special Ladakh is one of my favourite places to visit, not just in India but in the entire world. It is the place that changed my destiny – from being a corporate slave to becoming a full-time traveller. During my several trips to the land of high passes, I have […]

Tourism in Ladakh: why I travelled to Leh Ladakh in Winters?

If there’s one best road trip destination In India that needs no introduction, it’s Ladakh. Everyone dreams of either doing a motorbike expedition in Ladakh or simply a road trip in its pristine landscapes. The ₹600 crores (US$84 million) tourism industry in Ladakh was booming until the COVID19 pandemic changed our world forever. Vilayat Ali, […]

Is Ladakh loved to death by tourists?

The growing mountains of plastic waste in Leh, Ladakh Ladakh, the northernmost union territory of India, is at high altitudes ranging from 8,780 ft to 25,170 ft height in the Karakoram Range. Most of the year, the region has to bear long, cold, harsh wind-swept winters where temperatures fall as low as – 40 °F. Because […]

TSW Trips – Exclusive sustainable road trips to Leh Ladakh

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes. Better words couldn’t have been said than what Marcel Proust mentioned above. In contrast, everyone loves to travel; not all go beyond the star attractions, especially when going on a Leh Ladakh road trip. Travel, if done responsibly, can bring […]

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