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Disaster is an opportunity gift wrapped

John Lloyd is a popular TV and Radio figure in Britain. Whatever he touched turned into gold. He was an idea machine. He was the brain behind popular British TV programs like Not the Nine O’Clock News, Spitting Image, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Blackadder, QI and The Museum of Curiosity. The who’s who […]

Offbeat Travel Destinations in Incredible India

Sandakphu in West Bengal

‘Incredible’ is a name given to India for a reason.  Think of a fairytale fantasy, a dreamland scene or a heavenly abode; it’s a bet you will have no issues finding such offbeat travel destinations in India. Beauty is in abundance in this country, whether it is in the people, places or the sceneries. There are […]

Delhi to Leh Ladakh: Extreme and Unplanned Adventure

How my Delhi to Leh Ladakh trip turned into an extreme and unplanned adventure in the remotest part of the world – Changthang Chumathang to Nyoma, Changthang The downside of living abroad is homesickness that hits you like a ton of bricks. I have a good job and a balanced life. But I still feel […]

Extreme Road Tripping in Changthang, Ladakh, Part II

Landing in the disputed land of Changthang – Chumur I didn’t long for a white-knuckle adventure, but snowbound Changthang happened to be one. In Extreme Road Tripping in Changthang, Ladakh – I of this travelogue series I shared how my unflinching love for the Himalayas took me to the remotest part of the world. This post […]

Extreme Road Tripping in Changthang, Ladakh – PART III

Savouring the indescribable beauty of Chang Pas and Tso Moriri in one of the most extream road trips of my life. Welcome back to Extreme Road Trips in Changthang, Ladakh travelogue series 🙂 In my early extreme road trips travelogue series I threw light on how my unflinching love for the Himalayas took me to the remotest […]

QUIET FLOWS THE INDUS – travelseewrite

Here is the full version of my ‘Quiet Flows the Indus’ story that got published in the June Issue of Rail Bandhu A beautiful destination often results in a hangover but a trip to Ladakh leaves you with a permanent hangover! Rather, it mystically changes you from within, for the real, raw and unadulterated beauty of […]

Why do I love Mountains

Beaches or mountains? I have often been asked this question. Both have their own charm. But if I were to pick one then it will surely be mountains because firstly they remind me just how small and insignificant I am in the scheme of larger things and secondly they understand my silence like no other. They […]

Offbeat Leh Ladakh Road Trip to the Third Pole of the world

What it’s like to travel to Changthang Ladakh, the world’s highest and largest plateau during an unbearable harsh weather. Here is a personal account of the solo offbeat Leh Ladakh Roadtrip. Arctic like winter of Changthang, Ladakh is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s freezing cold, daylight is short and is a treacherous time to […]

How to deal with Acute Mountain Sickness

Mountain climbing is an addiction that is hard to resist. The deeper you fall for mountains the higher you rise in life. The best views come after harder climbs. But what if you fall much before reaching the summit? What if you are doing the dream trek of your life and your body gives up […]

Luxury Stay in Leh, Ladakh, India: The Grand Dragon Ladakh

Hotel Review: Luxury Stay in Leh, Ladakh at the Grand Dragon Ladakh Ladakh, the first thing that comes to mind is mountains or naked mountains as termed by the locals since there is no vegetation in the cold desert. Wherever you look, you see barren and untamed landscapes. If you’ll ask Indians what is there […]

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