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Top islands in India to travel for

Blue skies, crystal clear waters, amazing beaches, views to die for, exquisite flora, breathtaking fauna, air of tranquility and calm sunny journeys. If this is your idea of a perfect trip to an island, then I think we’re sailing in the right direction. India, because of our beautiful habits and love for water, is marked […]

What happens during Navratri in Gujarat?

It is the summer of the nineties, and I am on my annual family holiday at Manali. Despite being in the majestic Himalayas, I am dreaming of attending the festival of Navratri held some 1500-km away in the western part of India, thanks to a foot-tapping Bollywood chartbuster inspired by the state. Cut to Sep […]

Read this Navratri Garba Guide before visiting Gujarat

As Navratri comes to an end, so does the colourful, dazzling lights and the sounds of Garba clapping and dhol. However, Navratri is a precursor to the festive season in India because just after Navratri, we have other festivals like Eid, Diwali, Bhaidoj, Govardhan, Christmas etc. A celebration of nine nights, it is one of […]

10 must-visit places in Gujarat during winters

Sandwiched between Maharashtra and Rajasthan, Gujarat is a treasure trove least explored by many. However, Gujarat has always been very high on my list of places to visit in India for multiple reasons. After all, it is the Citadel of 6000 years old Harappan Civilization, land of colourful nomadic and wandering communities, located at the […]

The best places to visit in Gujarat in 2021 and beyond

Looking to explore Incredible India but want to avoid crowded tourist destinations? Choose the vibrant state of Gujarat for its incredible heritage, handlooms, handicrafts, culture, food and wildlife. Here are the 10 best places to visit in Gujarat in 2021 and beyond. Is it safe to visit Gujarat now? The majority of 2020 and almost […]

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