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Offbeat Goa – Secret things that only locals know

If you’ll ask someone in India about their favourite place, most likely you’ll hear the word Goa. However, after visiting the land of sun, sand and sea, people often want to discover the newer side of the state – offbeat Goa. They are always curious about the secret things that only locals know. Instead of […]

Why women in Kolhapur are learning an ancient Indian martial art

Mardani Khel – an ancient Indian martial art form, Kolhapur, Incredible India Kolhapur to me stood for the Mahalakshmi temple, Kolhapuri Chappal, Spicy Mutton and Lavani dance. On a beautiful spring morning when I alighted from the Deccan Odyssey luxury train as a part of India Blog Train initiative by Incredible India, I had no […]

Where to go in 2021: famous tourist places in India state wise

After a long hiatus in tourism, almost all the famous tourist places in India started again welcoming tourists. Right from Himachal to Andamans, Goa to Sikkim, Madhya Pradesh to Kerala, nearly all major tourist destinations have launched enticing offers to woe the domestic travellers. Camping and lodging, jungle safaris and rafting, hotels and homestays are […]

One week holiday or a staycation in goa for a month?

Varsha, 36, presents the sales strategy to the management on Google Meet while her dog, Whisky, sleeps on the grass nearby. Her presentation goes well, and she is excited about the new role. In January this year, the IT professional during the week and hobbyist photographer during the weekend traded off her high rise apartment […]

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