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India: then and now after 73 years of Independence

Time changes everything. Some things become beautiful with time. Some lose their sheen. Nothing is left untouched, especially our cities. Some transform into maximum cities from trading towns while others lose the stunning coastline to a concrete jungle. Time preserve some and perish others. On the eve of India’s 72nd Independence Day, I was visiting […]

History of Delhi Sultanate: The two cities that rewired history

Sometimes the quest for one particular experience leads to multiple, unexpected lessons and riches. Rediscovering the history of Delhi Sultanate was one such multi-layered pursuit of the bygone era, culture and gastronomy. While researching for the story, I walked through time from the fourteenth century Fort city of Tughlaqabad to savouring the spice trail of […]

Flying in 2020 – Is it safe to fly during COVID19?

Flying in 2020 – How to fly safely during COVID19 Is Air travel during the Covid-19 pandemic risky? In this article, you’ll find a step-by-step guide on flying safely during Coronavirus outbreak. For a person who is always-on-the-move and spends 60-70% time travelling, the five-month-long lockdown and travel restrictions to curb the coronavirus pandemic was like a death sentence. […]

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